Maddie Hayes Naturals™
You have found Maddie Hayes Naturals™, the home of what we consider to be the most effective insect repellent in the world. And it's DEET free!
We produce a premium quality product using no cheap fillers, water, alcohol, or emulsifers. We have many repeat customers - one try and thy are back to buy again. Users have found Maddie Hayes Naturals™ Insect Repellent effective in repelling mosquitoes, black (biting) flies ,deer flies, gnats, “no- see-ums,” sand fleas, and chiggers, to name a few.
Why Use an Insect Repellent?
According to the Centers for Disease Control, mosquitoes carry and transmit the following diseases:
•West Nile Virus
•La Crosse encephalitis
•St. Louis encephalitis
•Japanese encephalitis
•Eastern equine encephalitis
•Western equine encephalitis
•Yellow fever
•Dengue fever
•Rift Valley fever

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